Terms and conditions

By using the website www.elikertransfer.com provided by Eliker Transfer S de RL de CV, the client (user, hereinafter referred to) who uses it accepts the terms and conditions and must read it carefully before performing any use of the services offered, if you do not agree must suspend the use and not access the site or any service offered.

The terms and conditions are modified without prior notice, please be aware of any update.

Eliker Transfer website and email

The use of the website and email is for the user to make queries or reservations of the services offered by Eliker Transfer, with the aim of contracting some of its services, the user cannot give another use to the site and to the email, therefore, it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, sell, modify, publish or use the content for public, individual, commercial or with the intention of damaging the proper functioning of the website and email.

It is not allowed to use the website and email to send Eliker Transfer information about projects, promotions, services, procedures, methods, techniques, phrases, ideas, inventions, designs, or any other information for any purpose that has not been requested, any person who uses the website and the email for any of these purposes, will do so under the understanding that Eliker Transfer does not assume any obligation in this regard, why it will not amend or compensate the user and will be free to use or not use such information.

Update to information

Eliker Transfer does everything possible to make the content of the page as accurate as possible, however, it may contain inaccuracies, errors or perhaps not be updated.

Eliker Transfer could modify the content of the page at any time and does not assume any commitment to update it at any given time, the user will have the possibility of consulting said information through the website or email.

Protection and use of date

Eliker Transfer is committed to taking care of the date that the user provides directly and indirectly through the website, email or phone call, for which we do not provide information to third parties.

We constantly update our security systems to protect the date as much as possible and maintain the technological forefront.

Obligations of the user

By using the site, the user accepts:

  • Use the site in accordance with the terms and conditions.

  • Perform legitimate operations, whether personal or business.

  • Be responsible for all charge, fees and taxes due to the use of the page.

  • Provide truthful, concise and legitimate information that is requested for contracting the services that Eliker Transfer offers.

  • Do not allow unauthorized third parties to carry out transactions through the website on your behalf without your consent.

  • Not impersonate any person or entity or use provide false address, send, distribute, disseminate or advertise or disclose obscene, indecent, illegal or threatening, degrade, defame, garasss or any other method that may damage the website/email or the company Eliker Transfer.

  • Do not take advantage of a system failure of any kind, if you find one please notify it so that it is corrected.

  • The customer agrees to use email as a means of communication, so all agreements, notices, information or communications that are sent to the user by this means will be considered to meet the legal requirements as if they had been made in writing.

  • The user accepts that he is of legal age to carry out the operations and acquire the services that Eliker Transfer offers.